Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung <

Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung

• Personen mit Thrombophlebitis (Blutgerinnsel in einer Vene), vaskulärer Insuffizienz (schlechter Blutversorgung), abnormer Hautsensitivität (sehr. Novasonic Sonic Wave Massager Intrasound Treatment in the area of thrombophlebitis is contra-indicated. Do not utilize over the abdomen during pregnancy.

Introduction PHYSIOMED-Expert 1 1 Introduction With your PHYSIOMED-Expert, you have acquired a high-quality and extremely ver-satile unit for stimulation current therapy.

Novasonic produces audible intrasonic waves which are between 16 Hz and 20, Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung, Hz. Not only after a workout or visit to the gym, Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung, it can speed the dissipation of aches and pains without the use of drugs. Intensity and vibration can be adjusted as needed.

The optional percussion feature, now included in both models, increases depth of penetration. This percussion feature produces an additional intrasonic wave in the hz to 10,hz range that is applied on top of the other sonic wave. Overall, intrasound helps by reviving and supporting the self-healing power of the body though gentle, improvement of tissue nutrition at a cellular level. The lower range frequency settings simulate the earth's Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung healing vibrational frequencies.

This forms alternating compression and rarefaction Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung. The waves emanating from the treatment elements Folsäure aus Varizen or ball are synonymous with the natural vibration frequency of normal cell membranes. Whenever you are treating a smooth part of the body that is easy to stroke, use the sonic plate. It should always rest flat on the skin. Use the sonic ball to reach poorly accessible parts of the body, such as between the fingers, toes and ribs, Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung, in the arm pit or behind the ear, Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung.

The instrument should not be used by patients with skin diseases or weeping eczema. Treatment in the area of thrombophlebitis is contra-indicated. Do not utilize over the abdomen during pregnancy. When chronic complaints are treated, it may be assumed that these will revert to acute states, so that the body's natural restorative powers can be activated. The result Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung an initial worsening of the complaints.

Experts agree, however, that once the regenerative powers of the body are awakened, continuation of treatment will lead to success. Pain can sometimes be an alarm signal for more serious underlying disease. If results are not achieved within 7 days of use, medical attention should be sought. Massage Tables and Accessories. You might also like to consider these products Rejuvenator Plus Professional Massager - Rejuvenator Plus is the most powerful, versatile and deeply therapeutic massager we could find; replaces Max Pro Massager.

Thumper MiniPro 2 Massager - Without a doubt, the Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung professional strength massager on the market.

Such should not be considered medical advice or substitute for recommendations of an attending doctor. Back Be Nimble does not receive funding from any manufacturer or brand; Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung such are purely mentioned as informational.

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To achieve optimal treatment success with your Wireless TENS device, you have to use it according to the treatment instructions in this user manual. Pain Toolkit booklet included in the packaging. Only the German version of the Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung Toolkit is included in the package.

If you want to have the English, French or Italian version, please go to www. English If you received a trial kit from our sales force, this kit should contain the mini USB cable.

English important safety information Warning - This is a medical device. Keep the device out of the reach of children. English - Do not apply stimulation Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung open wounds or rashes, or over swollen, red, infected or inflamed areas or skin eruptions e.

If you do not end the treatment, you may experience an unpleasant sensation in your Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung. This sensation is not harmful, but can be unpleasant.

If the rechargeable battery of the TENS units is not fully charged Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung you start a treatment, the batteries may run out during the treatment. We advise you to always fully charge the TENS units before you start a treatment. Treatment is not possible when the TENS units are charging.

English Put the two AAA 1. Remove the batteries if you are not going to use the device for Betrieb von Varizen Cues month or more to prevent battery leakage.

EnglishThrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung, The screen prompts you to press the up arrow. Press the up arrow on the selector. English setting the Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung and time If you want to use activity monitoring to keep track of your activity and treatment pattern, you have to set the date Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung time on your remote control.

The date and time setting screen opens automatically on the display, with the date field highlighted. English Use the down arrow to go to the time setting field. Press the OK button to be able to change the time set. Use the up or down arrow to choose the hour and press the right arrow to go to the minutes field.

English using the device attaching the electrodes Varizen des Uterus tEns units Make sure the skin you want to place the electrodes on looks healthy and is free from wounds or rashes. Do not place electrodes on red or inflamed skin and skin with open wounds, cancerous lesions or rashes. English Place the second electrode on the body part you want to treat.

In the case of PR, Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung, you can also place a third and fourth electrode on the body part you want to treat. Always place the electrodes on the skin before EnglishIf you do not start Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung treatment within 5 minutes, Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung, the TENS units switch off automatically. Electrode placement To receive maximum results from your stimulation, it is important to place the electrodes correctly.

English - The home screen symbol: This symbol is highlighted when the Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung screen is displayed. Select this symbol to choose a treatment program.

Select this symbol to set the treatment duration. Select this symbol to check the battery status. If you want to change the program follow steps 1 to Krampfadern primären und sekundären above. In that case, treatment on both channels stops immediately, Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung.

EnglishThrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung, The intensity level is shown in numbers above the left intensity button. The intensity level is also shown by the intensity level bar on the left side of the screen. English activity monitoring This additional feature available on the Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung control allows you to check your activity pattern over a day, a week or a month.

Since activity and pacing are important elements in pain management, the activity monitor included in the remote control provides you with a tool to check how well you pace your activities. The PC application also allows your healthcare professional to set an activity target.

English Peel the electrodes off the skin by pulling at the edge. Do not leave the electrodes on the skin overnight. If you develop skin irritation, try attaching the electrodes in a different spot. Make sure that you move the electrodes to a different spot regularly so that you do apply stimulation at the same spot every day, Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung.

Do not immerse the electrodes in water. Clean the remote control, the charger, the TENS units and the extension cable PR only with a damp cloth and a Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung cleaning agent, e. English Problem Possible cause Solution The electrodes The electrodes have Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung their adhesive have become power because they are dirty or detached from because Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung have been used for a the skin.

In this way you avoid the unpleasant 0 to end the unpleasant sensation when you touch sensation treatment the connectors of the TENS units English signals on the device Battery status indications on the remote control To check the battery level of the remote control or the TENS units, use the left or right arrow to highlight the battery icon on the menu bar. The battery screen opens and shows the charge level Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung the rechargeable battery of the TENS units on the left and the charge level of the batteries of the remote control on This may have several causes: The rechargeable battery of the TENS units is empty.

The battery status indicator flashes orange briefly when the rechargeable battery is empty and then the TENS units switch off. The battery status indicator flashes green when the TENS units are charging.

Always replace the electrodes with electrodes recommended for this device by the manufacturer. New electrodes can be ordered at www. Batteries of the remote control Replace the batteries of the remote control when the battery symbol on the display flashes. English ordering accessories To buy accessories or spare parts, visit www. You can also contact the Philips Consumer Care Centre in your country.

Electrodes You can order new electrodes on www. Only use this device with the charger, cables, electrodes and accessories recommended by the manufacturer. The electrodes are not covered by the terms of the guarantee because they are subject to wear and have to be replaced regularly. English - All plastic parts are marked with recycle symbols.

English Explanation of symbols symbols on the device - This is the symbol for reference number, Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung. The type plates Familiengeschichte von Krampfadern the remote control and the TENS units show the same type number.

English - This symbol on the charger means: All devices and systems that include RF transmitters or that intentionally apply RF electromagnetic energy must be labelled with this symbol. English - This symbol means: Conforms to EC Directives, Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung. Do not throw away with the normal household waste, Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung. It is shown next to the treatment status indicator, Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung.

It is shown next to the battery status indicator. English symbols on electrode bag - This symbol means: Do not use while driving, operating machines or performing other activities that may present a risk of injury. Do not use damaged or worn electrodes or electrodes that have lost their adhesive power.

They are designed to be used in typical domestic or clinical environments. Electrode placement guide Fig. Um das Kundendienstangebot von Philips vollständig nutzen zu können, sollten Sie Ihr Produkt unter www. Diese Broschüre beinhaltet Informationen zum Positionieren der Elektroden und zu den Programmen, die zur Behandlung verwendet werden. Sie diese unter www. Hinterlassen Sie Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung unter www. Systeme zur Verabreichung von Arzneimittelnda der Gebrauch in diesen Fällen zu Stromschlag, Verbrennungen, elektrischen Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung oder sogar Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung Tod führen könnte.

Varizen in Tyumen überprüfen Sie vor dem Gebrauch das Haltbarkeitsdatum auf der Verpackung. Dieses Gefühl ist nicht schädlich, Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung, kann jedoch unangenehm sein. Nehmen Sie die Batterien heraus, wenn Wie man loswerden von Krampfadern Volksmedizin das Gerät einen Monat oder länger nicht verwenden, um ein Auslaufen der Batterien zu verhindern.

DEutschSie werden aufgefordert, den Nach-oben-Pfeil zu drücken. Drücken Sie auf dem Wahlschalter den Nach- oben-Pfeil. Der Bildschirm für das Datum und die Uhrzeit wird automatisch angezeigt, wobei das Datumsfeld hervorgehoben ist, Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung.

Verwenden Sie den Nach-unten-Pfeil, um zum Zeiteinstellungsfeld zu wechseln. DEutsch gerät verwenden Elektroden und tEns-Komponenten befestigen Vergewissern Sie sich, dass die Haut, auf der Sie die Elektroden platzieren möchten, gesund ist und keine Verletzungen oder Ausschläge aufweist. Positionierungsanleitung am Ende dieser Bedienungsanleitung. Positionieren Sie die zweite Elektrode auf der zu behandelnden Körperpartie.

Wenn Sie das PR verwenden, können Sie auch eine dritte und vierte Elektrode auf der zu behandelnden Körperpartie positionieren. DEutsch möglicherweise Hilfe benötigen, um die Elektroden an bestimmten Körperstellen anzubringen. In der Regel sollten die Elektroden auf oder nahe der Gynäkologie Uterus Krampfadern Stelle positioniert werden.

Die Stimulation kann im Stimulationsbereich zu sichtbaren Muskelkontraktionen führen. Dies ist nicht schädlich. Wenn Sie diese Kontraktionen jedoch als unangenehm empfinden, Thrombophlebitis Bedienungsanleitung, bringen Sie die Elektroden an einer anderen Stelle an.

Spritzanleitung für die Anwendung einer Heparin-Fertigspritze zur Selbstinjektion (Österreich)

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